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Friday, June 5, 2009

Boycott the Harbor...was a recent post by an A.W.M. (angry white male)

Can't boycott- the courts are there. It's not Dixon's fault...of course if she was white no one would blame her.----

Way to bring race into something without cause. You are the perfect example of a racist.
__________________Don't let Obama take away our rights.

it's a black youth problem. Address that. Stop ignoring it. Liberals will call me racist but ignoring the problem enables it and that is racist.

Is it safe to go to rams head for a concert, espn zone, power plant at night? I've never been to downtown baltimore after dark except for raven orioles games which we leave immediately after the games

Those locations are safe, it's the parking garage that you need to watch you back in__________________

(In response to a post referring to an Article in the Baltimore Sun)
Did you even read the article? Dan clearly states that prisons are necessary. However, when you realize that the prison population as increased tremendously -- up 500% or 600% from 1971 to 2001 -- and there has been absolutely no impact on the crime rate, then any rational person would have to ask just what we're doing. Why are we incarcerating such large numbers of people?

Answer given by a former Balt. county Cop that is ru

nning for County Council with the slogan "Speak English" In 2010???:

Pale:We have large numbers of cancer patients, large numbers of heart patients and the list goes on.True, the numbers of inmates continue to rise as do the number of bad guys.Accountability is the key. The old "do the crime, do the time," is a necessity if we as a society are to survive.
http://www.buzzbeeler.com/ he is runnning with the name BUZZ...wtf

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