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Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Day,Change has come...

Recently someone commented to me that the picture I had up was too graphic. I know, that is the point. This was when the lynching was done out in the open, things are looking much better now.
What is diappointing is the use of the internet newspaper comment sections. It has become a sub-culture in many cities that usually have large poor minority populations. These comments are hardly screened for anything other then curse words, most tend to be the authors opinion of the article. However, in some cases the comment section takes on a life of its own, and the topics usually include content that people don't like to talk about with strangers (politics, race, sex, religion).
What bothers me is the feeling of safety that the vail of the internet gives these people, and also the lack of access that is the true problem with the digital divide. These are the things that shape the minds of Americans....comment sections in local and city wide newspapers. Its an illusion giving people the false impression that these are the views of the common folk, when its the same core group of people. Now, I have no evidence to prove my theory other then common sense but when you create a screen name and comment on newpaper clips in the middle of the day I can only draw a few conclusions. The basic one of these is that you have access and most of the more sexist, racist, and indecit comments are posted about news stories that address who else.....the have nots.

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